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Robert Christgau (who comes up frequently not because this blog is “about” “The Dean,” but for the same reason we put his name in the title: without him, our rock criticism, and the vast majority of rock criticism we’re interested in looks very different to the extent it can be called criticism at all) has always argued that most year-end lists come out too soon — generally before the year ends, but definitely before people have had a chance to properly process year-end releases.


[Note:  My favorite album of 2007, Wussy’s Left For Dead, is reviewed at Wussy’s Left For Dead]  Arcade Fire and Bruce Springsteen David makes an interesting and not uncompelling argument in an essay on this blog (Bruce Springsteen’s Neon Bible) that Arcade Fire’s Neon Bible, which I like well-enough, and my number 2 record of the year, […]