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To the right additional musical accompaniment — anybody still use the term “trip-hop”? — the MRI’s whizzes and blams, at at least three different synth-like tones and two different tempos, might actually be something to relieve boredom on their own.


(David writing) Springsteen didn’t come anywhere close to making the definitive 9/11 album — as far as I could tell there wasn’t one. But five years later he did make what will likely stand as the definitive Bush album, at least the only one that sold shit (if Jon Langford was going to break through […]

Especially given that rock & roll more or less started with a white man from Memphis who pre-fame had to say the name of his high school on local radio so the listeners would know he wasn’t black, and with a black man whose guitar had a decided twang to it, it’s striking (except that it’s also entirely commonplace) that nearly all rock genres have been identifiable as black or white. Doo-wop was racially integrated, sometimes even within groups, but that was over by 1961….So I consider it news when suddenly five of the seven or eight albums I’ve gotten into in the last six weeks play against racial type. In order of when I got into them, there’s Black Kids’s Partie Traumatic, Stew’s Passing Strange Original Cast Recording, Kimya Dawson’s Alphabutt, Girl Talk’s Feed the Animals and TV on the Radio’s Dear Science.

OK, rock years don’t really get started until sometime in April. But then they kind of slow down after mid-November. Then again, people with wide tastes generally find themselves still catching up with the previous year in February. But for schoolteachers, like me, the end of June presents its own milestone, so why not a list […]

First of all, Carlin would understand — on “Death and Dying” from On the Road, a late ’70s album, he mocks the way people forget all the bad stuff when someone dies.
Second of all, George Carlin’s 1972 Class Clown is one of the very few standup albums I’ve ever played over and over — Woody Allen’s Standup Comic, Richard Pryor’s That Nigger’s Crazy, Lenny Bruce’s Live at the Curran Theater, Bill Cosby’s Why Is There Air? and I’ve no doubt missed something as I haven’t pursued that phonographic genre like the music I love (note that they’re all 60s and early ’70s). It’s possible that Chris Rock has one (does he even make albums?), but probably not Margaret Cho, whose best moments have been visual (her evocation of the first time she ate pussy, say).

Why has Lil Wayne been blowing everything else off my Ipod for two weeks? First with the brand-newTha Carter III, then with the other five studio albums that I’ve since snapped up, or four of the “officIal” “bootleg” “mixtapes” ditto, plus disc 1 of Da Drought 3, where I first heard him this winter? (where […]

Elvis Costello has got to be one of the more acute examples of getting what he wanted and thereby losing what he had. One reason he wanted to leave Columbia in the late ’80s was that they didn’t give him the recording budget of what he felt an artist of his stature should have. They treated […]