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Robert Christgau once referred to Stevie Nicks as a “mooncalf,” and in general has dismissed all her post-Rumors recording career, both with Fleetwood Mac and solo, preferring Buckingham the soundmaker on later Mac albums and McVie the deep voiced singer of prime love songs for solo work.  To my ears, Nicks’s ten best songs — which include […]

The greatest singer songwriters know how to twist a cliché inside out until it turns up a totally new thought, and the best recording right now are Todd Snider and Amy Rigby.  I mean, who really needs a 2006 song called “Just Like Old Times”?  Well, here are the old times:  pool shark runs into […]

Morcheeba is the classic case of a band without credibility.  If trip hop was your scene, they were sellout popsters driven to make money selling records to noncultists; if you had no interest in trip hop, there was nothing in particular about Morcheeba that would change your mind – they didn’t have the hooks or […]

Far more than my co-writer David, who just jumped into his posts about shuffle, the discovery of shuffle changed my life suddenly and dramatically.  Perhaps it’s for that reason that I feel compelled to write this essay before I publish posts on a couple of songs that recently came up on my shuffle. I was […]

To be honest, I didn’t even think this was one of the 15-20 Elton John songs in my ipod. And when it came up, it seemed like an obvious delete. But I’m stunned to hear something new in a pop song I’ve heard at least two dozen times in as many years. Maybe it’s because this is the pushing-7-minute album version, but I never before caught that 2 1/2 minutes into his plaint, he tunefully exhales “It’s four o’clock in the morning, dammit!”

Shuffle is a regular feature used to discuss songs that come up in my ipod on shuffle mode, or songs that I will take poetic license to say I did because I feel like writing about them. Sure, Warren Zevon’s “The Envoy” is a macho fantasy. Right, it locates all the danger of the world in either El Salvador […]