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(Kenny writing) One tension that crops up periodically between David and me is that David listens to music as an aesthete, whereas I listen to music as a fan.  We have discussed this off-blog, but it’s time to take it on line.  The main comment David has made about this on this site — in different terms […]

Most normal people past the age of 15 don’t have a greatest song of all time.  The kind of person who has 11,274 songs on their iPod generally is sensible enough to know obvious things like that songs relate to specific moods and no song is appropriate to all moods; that the reason you need […]

The formula goes like this:  sound makes music attractive but words make it stick.  When describing why I pay attention to something, it has to sound good.  But lots of things sound good, too many to keep track of, and the number of times a decade when some genuinely new sound is invented is trivially […]

Far more than my co-writer David, who just jumped into his posts about shuffle, the discovery of shuffle changed my life suddenly and dramatically.  Perhaps it’s for that reason that I feel compelled to write this essay before I publish posts on a couple of songs that recently came up on my shuffle. I was […]

I travel for work essentially every week, so much of my best music listening time happens on trains, in cars, on airplanes, shuttling about.  In the imagination of marketers, I am the dream customer, the audiophile business traveller who you can sell $300+ earphones to as often as you need to, as often as they break. There are […]