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[Note:  My favorite album of 2007, Wussy’s Left For Dead, is reviewed at Wussy’s Left For Dead]  Arcade Fire and Bruce Springsteen David makes an interesting and not uncompelling argument in an essay on this blog (Bruce Springsteen’s Neon Bible) that Arcade Fire’s Neon Bible, which I like well-enough, and my number 2 record of the year, […]

The greatest singer songwriters know how to twist a cliché inside out until it turns up a totally new thought, and the best recording right now are Todd Snider and Amy Rigby.  I mean, who really needs a 2006 song called “Just Like Old Times”?  Well, here are the old times:  pool shark runs into […]

Morcheeba is the classic case of a band without credibility.  If trip hop was your scene, they were sellout popsters driven to make money selling records to noncultists; if you had no interest in trip hop, there was nothing in particular about Morcheeba that would change your mind – they didn’t have the hooks or […]

Five Star Songs


Shameless listmaker that I am, I have a list of 315 five-star songs.  Naturally, this is something I couldn’t have had before the iPod, which provides both the means for reviewing songs for such a list, and the database for recording the rating.  I don’t swear, as I write this, that there aren’t 10 songs […]