Music to listen to while lying perfectly still (um, try not to move so much, OK?)


(David writing)

Some combination of bicycling and playing tennis in the wrong shoes and kneeling in my attic (mostly searching for stored CD’s) wound me up with a doctor suggesting I get an MRI for my left leg. So I did – as a recent convert to House, I confess to some curiousity about the procedure. And this one pretty minor — only in to my waist, 15 minutes, no big deal. But if I ever get another, I’ll bring a CD (could they have hooked up my ipod to the sound system? Seemed like a fussy request for 15 minutes) or not listen to music at all.  But the perfectly courteous technician asked me what kind of music I wanted, and after two seconds of figuring that “jazz” would mean that insufferable  lite crap I always think of as CD101 after the station in NYC that’s been playing it for 20 years (“the world’s first all-CD station” they boasted at the time), and that “alternative” might either confuse the guy or mean who-knows-what, I went with “rock”. Yeah, make it familiar and predictable. But I would have expected a better, if not more contemporary, sequence than Bob Seger’s “Old Time Rock & Roll,” (started abruptly and somewhat jarringly in the middle),  Madonna’s “Cherish” (followed by some patter from what turns out to be a Sirius-XM host, the inspidity of which is why it doesn’t bother me much that some stations, like the whole “Jack” format and its imitators, do without live talk entirely), Mike + the Mechanics’ “The Living Years” (OK, can’t get any worse than this, I’m pretty sure), something I think might be by Dave Matthews though if wrong I’ll never care, and Glenn Frey’s “You Belong to the City”  (cut off abruptly — hey, guys, ever heard of an automatic fade-in fade-out feature?).

    Thing is, the MRI really does make music of its own. To the right additional musical accompaniment — anybody still use the term “trip-hop”? — the machine’s whizzes and blams, at at least three different synth-like tones and two different tempos, might actually be something to relieve boredom on their own. As it was, they occasionally came close to drowning out the music, sort of like when someone uses a jackhammer or lawn mower outside your window. But more welcome.


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