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(Kenny writing) The reason Pink has for years seemed like a person, unlike Brittany or Amy W., is because she wants to go to rehab.¬† Not from some prissy moralistic point of view, but from the point of view that the party does end and you have to face yourself in the mirror when it […]



(David writing) Months after a beloved¬†flopped major-label release, the question about why it flopped is rarely as interesting as why you liked it in the first place. And of course Glasvegas is neither an unequivocal flop nor necessarily a flop at all. Maybe it will be one of those slow-burners, if Columbia decides they’re worth […]

To the right additional musical accompaniment — anybody still use the term “trip-hop”? — the MRI’s whizzes and blams, at at least three different synth-like tones and two different tempos, might actually be something to relieve boredom on their own.

It was fairly audacious in 1987 for Marianne Faithfull and producer Hal Willner to put together blues and rock old and new with items from the Great American Songbook (at least one of which, thanks to Billie Holiday, also counted as an old blues) on Strange Weather.
But before I even get to what works great on Easy Come Easy Go, let me talk about the sound. Not so much the work of the four arrangers/conductors (best: Steven Bernstein) and how distinctive nearly every track is while allowing for flow in the Great Album Tradition, but the sound of the singer.