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(Kenny writing) Wussy, the self-titled new album by what is my favorite currently active band in the world, is certainly their third best of three albums.   The worst album by a great band in its prime is a fine thing, and there are enough good songs and unique sounds on this one that it remains highly […]



(Kenny writing) The cliche goes that since artists have five or ten years to develop the songs on their debut, but only a year or two, mostly spent on the road, to develop their follow-up, the debut is generally the better album.  Of course, we can all come up with any number of counterexamples.  But even for […]

(Kenny writing) Because I like Magic pretty much better then anyone else (except perhaps David, who likes it plenty too), I thought I would lay out my mixed feelings about the new Springsteen album in terms of what I value in Bruce’s late work.  Song for song, theme for theme, studio sound for studio sound, there […]