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Mapping the web of a 20-something woman’s self-definition as it relates to her sexuality and her determination to not get fucked over, including by herself, only a few come to mind — Joni Mitchell, Liz Phair, PJ Harvey, Courtney Love, Sleater-Kinney, Missy Elliott, who else ya got? And I’ll start right off saying that of those, Allen’s easily got the easiest and richest sense of humor, which goes along with her standing her ground without needing rage, bravado or even much irony. She couldn’t reminisce about some stud she fucked on a Greek island with a straight face, and in general seems to find the jet-setting privileges of popdom disorienting and largely unnecessary (though word is she does love the clothing part of it).


Vivian Girls


(Kenny writing) Fuzzy sound and lack of rhythmic imagination are generally signs of amateurism and youth, and while they can be infectuous live in the right setting, they are generally dead ends for recording artists.  There are exceptions.  Scrawl counts as my favorite band that managed to maintain such an apparently amateur sound over a decade […]

(Kenny writing) One tension that crops up periodically between David and me is that David listens to music as an aesthete, whereas I listen to music as a fan.  We have discussed this off-blog, but it’s time to take it on line.  The main comment David has made about this on this site — in different terms […]

(David writing) K’naan The Dusty Foot Philosopher (A) Randy Newman Harps & Angels TV on the Radio Dear Science Lil Wayne Tha Carter III Orchestra Baobab  Made in Dakar Honey Honey Loose Boots [EP] Drive-By Truckers Brighter than Creation’s Dark Girl Talk Feed the Animals Sleeping in the Aviary Expensive Vomit in a Cheap Hotel […]

(Kenny writing) The Rolling Stones are my great separation from core rock and roll addicts. In many respects I’m a Chuck-Beatles-Bruce-Clash kind of guy, which is why Robert Christgau has had such a dominant (perhaps too dominant) impact on my life. But the measure of my differences with the core ‘tude is that I don’t […]

(Kenny writing) Haven’t posted here forever because I/we have been rethinking the blog.  That’s why this is so late.  But I’ve got to get going again, so here it is.  T.I.’s Paper Trail is not my favorite record of 2008, but it’s the one that took me longest to think through, for the simple reason […]

(David writing) Springsteen didn’t come anywhere close to making the definitive 9/11 album — as far as I could tell there wasn’t one. But five years later he did make what will likely stand as the definitive Bush album, at least the only one that sold shit (if Jon Langford was going to break through […]