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Dear David,


As I’ve mentioned previously, of all the artists that Christgau and you admire and I don’t, there is exactly one that completely flummoxes me.  When I find that I don’t care about Los Campesinos/Belle and Sebastian/Chills, I’m not confused.  I know what they are doing that I don’t give a hoot about.  When I find […]

Robert Christgau once referred to Stevie Nicks as a “mooncalf,” and in general has dismissed all her post-Rumors recording career, both with Fleetwood Mac and solo, preferring Buckingham the soundmaker on later Mac albums and McVie the deep voiced singer of prime love songs for solo work.  To my ears, Nicks’s ten best songs — which include […]

Accelerate isn’t just reminiscent of one of those classic R.E.M. albums that you consider from time to time, pull off the shelf and even play all the way through to remind yourself how they once existed. It is one.

Should it depress me that AC/DC’s Back In Black has had a staying power one could never have guessed in 1980, and has now the fifth higest selling album in US history?  In the early ’80s it seemed to some of us that AC/DC, Queen, and Styx were equally depressing examples of the very worst that […]