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Most normal people past the age of 15 don’t have a greatest song of all time.  The kind of person who has 11,274 songs on their iPod generally is sensible enough to know obvious things like that songs relate to specific moods and no song is appropriate to all moods; that the reason you need […]



Must disagree strongly with the positive press lauding the Magnetic Fields’ Distortion, including Christgau’s raves.  Principally, the record is unlistenable — distorting the MF’s usually low fi equipment and cheap (but usually clean) recording techniques simply makes the point of the songs, which are the words, harder to hear and harder to care about.  And […]

Real Emotional Trash isn’t “jams” and it isn’t Stephen Malkmus’ usual songful shtick in disguise, either.  Neither of which would be definitively good or bad. It’s art-rock, which major mold-breakers like Arcade Fire and minor ones like Of Montreal have forced me to admit isn’t definitively bad, either. It’s in fact pretty close to the […]

The most notably repeated word/concept on Decoration Day,  the Truckers’ last record near this good, was “daddy”. Even though Patterson Hood was at least 35, the daddy was always in not just the third person, but the previous generation – his, yours,  a moral authority sought or one unavoidable, or one to try your damndest […]

Halfway into the latest try by the former marvel of post-hardcore guitar and punk-pop song, sometime pro-wrestling plotter and current Daily Show theme composer, I brightened with the thought that he might be on some kind of comeback. As it fell apart in the second half, into by now all-too-familiar meandering navel-gazing, I recalled that 2005’s instantly forgotten Body of Song  also sounded like an […]