Five Star Songs


Shameless listmaker that I am, I have a list of 315 five-star songs.  Naturally, this is something I couldn’t have had before the iPod, which provides both the means for reviewing songs for such a list, and the database for recording the rating.  I don’t swear, as I write this, that there aren’t 10 songs on my list I won’t remove the designation from over the next year, nor 10 others already on my pod that I’ve overlooked, but I did work pretty hard on the list last summer, and I vouch for it.  I’ve listened to my five star playlist now and again – at moments when I needed a lift only that configuration of songs could give me – with intense enjoyment. 

I intend, like David, to post under the category “Shuffle” periodically, but I also intend to write under the rubric of “Five Star Songs”.  In fact, the first two shuffle songs I have chosen to write about are both from my five star list.  This may mean that I’m doing things a little differently then David right now:  where he reflected on Warren Zevon and Elton John songs he’s not committed to, in order to explain interests that exceed his most central convictions, in two essays I am posting today I am considering two songs that express something central about my aesthetic:  five star songs. 



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