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Left for Dead, Wussy’s second album, allows us to take the full measure of Lisa Walker as a bandleader.  To me she looks very large, and growing.  The band’s previous album, Funeral Dress, split the songwriting and lead vocal duties equally between Walker and her more well-known co-leader Chuck Cleaver, formerly of the Ass Ponys.  But this even […]

I travel for work essentially every week, so much of my best music listening time happens on trains, in cars, on airplanes, shuttling about.  In the imagination of marketers, I am the dream customer, the audiophile business traveller who you can sell $300+ earphones to as often as you need to, as often as they break. There are […]

When David and I were in High School, we were part of a circle for six or seven guys who made cassette tapes for each other, and thus we were the subject of apocalyptic attacks about how theft of intellectual property was destroying the music industry.  We were and are banner examples of the contrary:  […]

Has anyone else noticed that Bruce Springsteen’s Magic, likely the best-reviewed album for the 40+ rock crowd this year, uses basically the same modus operandi as Arcade Fire’s Neon Bible, likely the best-reviewed album of the year for the under-40 rock crowd (forgive me, I’m 40 on the dot, so these are the demographics I grasp).       Vocals […]

First of all, listening around is the ongoing dialogue of two absurdly old friends, Kenny Mostern and David Schweitzer.  We have been listening to music together since around 1980, when we were 13.  Since around 1994, living 3000 miles away from each other (Kenny in California, David in New York) we have exchanged email three or […]